Between Boston & Albany

Well, all set up now… got my 25,000 song external hard drive plugged in; just finished Allman Brothers and now onto The Outlaws – nice rolling stock beats for riding the rails.

The conductor wouldn’t pose for a pic – sorry Ellie, but I got my neighbor Bill across the aisle. There’s a Danish soldier traveling behind me, checking out the USA. It sure is a different experience than flying, but I knew that from Sue’s and my trip back in ’98 when we went down to Georgia to start hiking the Appalachian Trail and we rode the rails. I think my butt is gonna hurt after three days of this though.

Started working out the menu screens for a software project that Chocorua Group is developing. It’s called ChefTrak and is a purchasing/inventory/recipe management application. My friend Dave Rogers out of Meredith, NH is writing the application in MS Access; I’m designing the menu screens and user interfaces for him to incorporate.

Got a bit tired of doing that and thought I’d work on a different project. Two years ago, I had met a lawyer in Montana that represented a small group of ranchers interested in developing a natural beef line, with the entire process to be done in Montana. I’ve been waiting on them to get along with it, but haven’t heard much. I had networked that year with a bunch of corporate chefs and distributors and had identified a demand equal to about one million head of cattle a year. I figure if I can make ten cents a head, that’s a pretty damn good revenue stream for me.

So the past couple weeks I’ve been thinking about how to jumpstart that process and start making some commissions. I can easily identify the market and the demand – it’s securing the sources that has been the issues. I think what needs to happen is to form a natural beef trading firm. This firm would act as the lynch pin between demand and supply: offering to the purchasers the knowledge of where natural beef sources that can meet their individual demand are, and offering suppliers the connections to markets. The research needed for this is to identify those sources and also to figure out the logistics.

I think I’ll call this “Kingman Natural Beef Traders”. What I want to do on this trip is develop the logo – a steer’s longhorn and skull sub-imposed behind the text. Argh – no internet to pick up an image of a longhorn skull to trace over!!!

Pulling into Worcestershire, MA. Let’s see if I can get onto the ‘net.

Nope! No’net. Hmmmm – how am I gonna get into Second Life to banter and play with my friends there???