Friday, May 15, 2009

Departing South Station Boston

This morning was hard for me. I got to sleep before midnight last night at the motel in Sanford, after having Chinese (American) dinner with my little girls and Sue (my ex-wife). Dinner was good, with lots of Shirley Temples J Maybe I should not have had the Spicy Chicken/Cabbage, but it sure tasted good going down.

The girls were a bit giggly last night and again this morning. Ellie was pretty snuggly throughout. Sue said that last night she was sad.

They picked me up this morning and brought me to the bus line in Portsmouth (to Boston). Lots of teasing and giggling in the car on the way down; letting them draw on my hands, pretending to inoculate me and such. We talked about what they will do when they come visit in Oregon – the Zoo, the beaches, the natural hot springs, the Rose Gardens and that Dad would have a dog and let them use paint on my back (like old times).

The hard part came after putting my luggage on the bus. Ellie got really sad and teary. As I sat in the front seat on the bus (for what seemed like forever), we kept waving, blowing kisses, pretend hugging and flashing the “I love you” handsigns. It was hard for Ellie, visibly. It was hard to read Grace – it always has been since she was three. I really appreciate Sue being there to ‘mom’ them with this. I cried for about five minutes, stuffing the tears back inside; knowing that when they are older they will have larger understandings.

Well, we’re rolling! I had internet for about four minutes as we left South Station, but Amtrak doesn’t have a system-wide wifi capability yet (although they are trying to establish it in 2009). The seats are very comfortable, and there is a power strip for the laptop J