Eastern Montana – Sunday Afternoon

While it’s got it’s own kind of flatness here under the Big Sky – it’s just… different. The sky is so vast, and so little vegetation above three feet tall, that it exposes the nooks, crannies and napes of the earth – like the wrinkled skin of a Hubbard squash.

I’ve been seeing my first stock growing operations of that Angus breed. Plenty of hawks and raptos; a wolf in the early morning alongside the tracks, a herd of antelope bolting at the long drawn out whistle – bounding away fast over into the gulch.

It’s nice to get off the flat plains and onto the high steppes of the eastern slopes of the northern Rockies. I feel like I’m home already – although apparently that includes the Pacific Northwest for me in middle age. On the horizon – maybe fifty miles away or more – various mountain ranges. The valleys here are fifties and twenties of miles long and wide.

To my girls – Grace and Ellie – don’t believe the falsehood about cows lying down because it’s going to rain. Cows lie down because they want to lie down. Usually when it rains, cows keep standing – turning their fat butts to the wind and rain.

I’m wondering if I’ll see any other bald eagles – saw one late yesterday on a branch a foot above the Missouri River. Oh oh- there’s one of those houses that the fabled stilted cow had to rest against!! I’ve forgotten the name of that creature from the old children’s story. The legs on one side are shorter than the other. So when they rest, they lean against barns and sheds – tilting the structures permanently to the side.

I’ve been deeply exploring my 25,000 songs I downloaded from the Matterhorn Ski Bar in Maine during my contract there two winters ago. Mariko would like this – I’m currently on one of my favorite albums – “The Art of the Chinese Flute”, by Miao Xiaoyun (2004).

I haven’t been doing much reading – I’ve meant too, but have found myself madly cranking out some business plans I’ve not had time for until now. I find that my depth of creativity explodes when I move myself out of familiar surroundings and into unusual environs.

I may have said this already – but I’m not going to fly again unless it’s either – absolutely necessary, or I get my own private pilot’s license and fly myself.

My stubble is showing it’s light salt’n’pepper; scratchy in my palm. My butt is allright – I’ve been walking enough on board so it is ok. I am very ready to give my head a sink wash tonight. Well, we’re rapidly coming up on Havre, Montana. Later, during the early evening – we’ll be deep in the Rockies, blasting through the Glacier National Park area. I’m anticipating that to be a highlight! Roll on, baby!