Ok – grab some popcorn and a beer for the slide show 🙂

This is a brief pictorial from the trip across the country via Amtrak last weekend. I have included some links to old histories of the route.

Official logo for the Lakeshore Limited

Current route of the Lakeshore Limited

Typical makeup and look for the Lakeshore Limited

Evening, the window and seatback in front of me

What a coach car looks like in the middle of the night

I think this was Milwaukie, but not sure

Ship traffic on the Erie Canal viewed from the train

Dining car on the Lakeshore – I didn’t dine in the dining cars on this journey
Gary, Indiana – one of the ugliest places in the USA

Circa 1980, Amtrak at Union Station in Chicago

Union Station in Chicago
The riverfront outside Union Station in Chicago.

Chicago railroad yards in the early 20th century

The official logo
Current route of the Empire Builder
A very old photo of the Empire Builder, when it was Great Northern Railroad

Typical makeup and look of the Empire Builder from Chicago to the West Coast

Empire Builder passing through the northern plains
Missouri River in the Dakotas
Missouri River in eastern Montana

Missouri River (as I remember it growing up) in western Montana

Sunset from some station on the journey

The train stops in Havre, Montana – a very sleepy high plains town. Check out the old steam engine!

East Glacier, Montana
More Glacier!
The Empire Builder in the mountains..
Not a view from the train – but still, the incredible sheer beauty of Glacier..

Wolf – not the same one as I saw, but….

West Glacier, Montana
Through the Columbia Gorge

Mount Hood!

And, finally, after three nights traveling on the train – Portland Oregon