No not those kind of affairs! But I do have to mention that PDX has a veritable plethora of beautiful women! Maybe noticing this is just the result of having lived in northern New England for thirteen years – but I don’t think so.. I think Portland attracts smart and beautiful women in droves. Not a bad situation for me to be in 🙂

I used to think that being a straight college male in San Francisco was a great experience in dating! If a guy didn’t get a kiss after providing dinner in Chinatown and a cable car ride – hmmmmm. We’ll see if I need to reassess that statement in favor of PDX a year from now!

I’ve spent most of my time back in town researching the restaurant community, talking with restaurateurs and chefs and applying for Exec or Sous Chef positions. I’m very hesitant to get into a Chef position that demands more than 50 hours a week, although I feel the Careme/Escoffier-esque drive to create incredible cuisine. I also feel the desire to be active in a good kitchen, teaching young culinarians the methods, tools and ingredients for successful crafting of their careers. But, I’m torn. I’m torn because if I work too much, as I have in the past, I won’t develop solid communities for my self/soul, I won’t do the sundry activities I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t, and I won’t have time to get my diverse startups up and running.

In addition to integrating myself into the food community, I’ve been working on the different ideas that experienced mental massages during my train across the country two weeks ago.

Kingman Natural Beef is in research phase – deepening my understanding of the beef industry in the USA and Western Hemisphere, partly through book, partly through internet, and partly pursuing dialogue with industry leaders and stockmen. Launch of Kingman Natural Beef should be in mid-2010.

Sandwich Sauce Company has morphed into Oregon Saucier – a far more appropriate name. I am looking for production space on the cheap in SE Portland. I have estimated startup expenses and come out around $10K. Marketing plan is in development and fleshing out the business plan is underway. I expect to launch late this year.

[Note: looked at a space today for sauce making and found a theater company that piqued my interest. Wait – I should rephrase that – Naomi’s passion and description of the organization sparked an interest in me to go check out their play this weekend. More on them later in the next blog on social networking.]

What else… spent some time today on the Oregon Secretary of State corporations website, researching the trademark/servicemarks for several different projects – woohooooo – all my projects are ‘clear’. In addition, website addresses are also all available. Researched website hosting.. contacted a local CPA to meet with in the next few days.. got turned down by a local lawyer who said my diversity begs a different firm. Of course, all this is pre-expenses. As Michael Michalowicz, founder of Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, coaches: do it all without spending money. Here’s his website http://www.toiletpaperentrepreneur.com/. He sends out an informational email every few days and is well worth the reading!

I’m intrigued with the space occupied by a local restaurant called Sckavone’s, on the corner of 41st and Division. My Mum tells me when she was a little girl that it was a pharmacy. The original ice cream/soda bar is still in use and Mum says she used to eat ice cream there. The location is good (high traffic), with an antique architectural shop that might be offering them parking after 5pm in trade. The building shell could use a little work, especially on the opposite end where the dry cleaners is. But it has big windows that remind me of Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’. This location is currently offering traditional neighborhood American family cuisine. It’s in a neighborhood I like, has outdoor and indoor seating, what looks like about 60 seats total and plenty of production space. And, it has that old counter! Think I’ll have to try it out!

In other research I found a new industry social network that is extremely interesting. FohBoh is specifically for the national restaurant community. Go check them out at http://www.fohboh.com/. But before you join – let me know so I can invite you! I get 1000 points for every referral and if I can get to 50,000 points I’ll get a few shares of their stock! It’s a freakin’ wicked good deal, only available for a limited time.

The other very intriguing thing I’ve discovered is Ning. If you don’t know about Ning – you should. http://www.ning.com/. I’ll leave the mystery for you to go discover!