Well, I never had this experience! I was watching Andrew Zimmern on ‘Extreme Foods’ – the episode was on Nicaragua – earlier this week. I was immediately transported back to my experience there – although I never had the opportunity to choose (live) and then eat, my own python.

In 2004, I spent eleven days in and about Granada, Nicaragua on a social justice venture with a small non-profit named Neighbors in Central America.

We were there to assist a very small, very rural village in the construction of a comedor – a community kitchen, that would feed the village children breakfast. The Japanese government had committed five years of food supply to the village, if – the village constructed a community kitchen.

I cannot tell you how much I fell in love with the people and culture of Nicaragua. With a large ex-pat community in Granada – it was easy to be there with only a limited ability to speak Spanish. Traveling in Nicaragua is easy.. at least, in the larger towns it was. The smaller towns require some knowledge of Spanish – I was not able to get into deep dialogues.

Anyway – it brought back such memories – I wanted to share some of the images here.


small boy in village

young children in village

mother and young children in village

hauling wood to build

kids at school

the school

village “mayor”

young friend on jobsite
cross-cultural construction crew

mixing cement
mid-afternoon break

painting the roofs

attempting dialogue through interpretation

(that’s your kitchen dancer with the red kerchief)

group photo

sorting supplies to give the school at Domatila Reserve

The Kitchen Dancer about to pinata

new games

is this “7-11”?
maybe this is like home on Saturday night

father and son

mother and daughter

another father and son

quitting time

mid morning break in the heat for gringoes

our hostess, Maria, at Domatila Reserve

single family homes on Lago de Nicaragua

a very famous potter (the son)

typical kitchen – outside


Granada, Nicaragua
oldest colonial avenue in central america

taxis in Granada

again, the oldest avenue

local church

baseball, you bet!

(gringoes loose)

my favorite pic