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Yeah, I know.. I’ve been a bit absent from Kitchen Dances..

Not that I don’t think about it. I have so much to write, constantly. Well, let’s catch up, shall we?

Spring has been phenomenal so far in Oregon. The backyard is veritably awash in tulips of red, orange and yellow – like dabs of full-spectrum oil based paint all glossy and stuff. The border collie is nuts these days – always excited… I think he needs to get laid.

My daughters left Monday last week with their mother for the Virgin Islands for two weeks, apparently she negotiated two Sunday sermons in exchange for free lodging. Grace and Ellie will be the tannest little girls in Maine when they get back at the end of the month.

I’m really busy and loving it. Chalkboarder is providing a lot of work with its clients and I’m having to find and position a couple of people to be staff for when the restaurant gets busier. This morning I interviewed a double-major at Brown Univ (econ and linguistics) who wants to intern with Chalkboarder. Cognito Restaurant is still stuck on hold with the City of Portland planning department (freakin’ bureaucrats!), who think we need to earthquake the building.

Hmm.. romance. I’m still a bit skittish. I mean, I’ve met a few lovely ladies recently, but only time will tell if there’s anything there. I’m really desireous to get to know someone as a friend and then see what happens. I’ve already been down the path of “instant, just add water, serious relationship) a few times. I think it’s time for a different approach.

Allright – back to work. Cyou.