I wonder what it will be like to appreciate a woman when I’m sixty or eighty. I’ve walked many a mile and many a mistake to be nearly forty-six.

Several things are in mind this morning as I listen to a friend’s small birds sing to the Spanish guitar from Alirio Diaz drift from my laptop.

One, that there are very few women that seriously can turn my head. Traits that attract me are independence, character, blunt honesty, a reticence to fully extend trust and the pursuit of community and meaning.

Two, that the nuances of a woman’s personality and character are meant to be savored over time. It perplexes me how a guy can think a one-night stand or the quick pursuit and conquer would “impress” a woman. Guys, do you seriously think she’s going to life-long remember you as exceptional if you rush through the delicacies of her spirit?

I’m also thinking of Mary Louise Parker’s Letter to Men. I think I need to write one to women.