It’s very rare for a woman to turn my head. I can go a long time without – if you know what I mean.. and reserve that energy for something meaningful. I’ve learned some hard-bitten lessons in my journey – namely, to trust my gut.

Over the last couple years I’ve analyzed the little things that I admire in women, from how they think and communicate, to their mores and ethics, to the delicacy of the turn of a cheek or a look, to more basic appeal such as the lock of hair over an eyebrow.

I’ve dug deep – and listened to myself. And that’s made me very selective. Which is consequent why I say that it takes a rare woman to turn my head.

My gut also tells me to acknowledge when such a woman does do that to me.  Communicate it directly, openly and honestly to her. What she chooses to do with it is up to her, but I’m not going to keep it quiet.

There’s one more action my gut tells me. Run. Run away. If I don’t run away, I might fall completely for a woman like that. It’s a damnable conundrum, isn’t it.