Did you ever dream of being a recording studio producer? Here’s your chance. Let me introduce you to my friend Jenee Halstead.

Jenee Halstead

Jenee regularly performs at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA (where Joan Baez, then 17 years old, got her start). Jenee’s music is.. well, I’ll let someone else say it..

Her spirit and her voice reveal a singer/songwriter who seems to have been around the block many times before and has both a voice and stories that are wise beyond her years. These are the kind of songs that send artists to legendary status and place themselves in museums. That this is just her debut is remarkable. Her tender alto has the same tenderness and sensitivity that folk stalwarts Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris and Shawn Colvin have worn to prominence and that future seems almost certain for Halstead.

–Gregory Robson (written in review of Jenee’s first album, Hollow Bones)

Jenee’s first two albums are on my weekly, if not more, “play” list. I love her voice and musicality. She touches me. Funny, I’ve never actually seen her play – even though I spent three nights on her couch once.

Jenee’s headed back into studio to record album number three. She’s raising capital funds through crowd-sourcing to make it happen. Give a listen to her music here, and if you like it, there’s four options for helping her get that third album recorded:

Hey Friends and Family,

I am reaching out to you because I am very close to making my first BIG financial goal towards the new album!  I needed to raise $3,000 for my producer/studio deposit.

I have chosen to work with Evan Brubaker again because we had such a great time and a successful first album together.  Word is speading in Europe and here and I have had some wonderful things happen in the last month!

I am doing a pre-sale, and there are four levels and each level has nice gifts to offer.  Of course, you can donate/pre sale at any level, and you will still get a gift from me for being a part of making the new album!!!!

Below is the link on paypal and the donation levels.  However, if you have a Paypal account, you can donate to me directly at: jenee.halstead@gmail.com (some people have trouble with the link).
I am also taking checks at:
Jenee Halstead
15 Dow St. #1
Somerville, MA 02144

Here are the donations/pre-sale options:

$50: 2 advanced signed copies of the new cd + 3 “sneak preview” demo downloads! (Shipping Included)

$100: Your name in the CD liner notes + a live, limited addition DVD from the 2010 Netherlands tour filmed by Gretjen Hargesheimer + the above goodies! (Shipping Included).

$500: A concert at your house (some travel restrictions may apply, please e-mail me) + the above goodies and “Angel Donation” category in CD liner notes!

$3,000 – $5,000: Executive Producer!  All of the above goodies, plus a framed and signed poster, and the title of Executive Producer.  This is very top tier, only three slots available.

Please give Jenee a listen – I am certain you will appreciate her work.