My sister has never had a drivers license. She’s made it into her early forties, raising two kids, getting her Masters of Divinity and leading a successful life – all without driving. I don’t know how she’s done it.

Twenty two months ago, I relocated from northern New England back to Portland Oregon. Before the move, I sold a beautiful old Mercedes (that I’d converted to run on used fryer oil). I sold it for a few reasons:

  • Maine winters had been hard on the car’s mechanics
  • Portland Oregon has the best public transit in the USA
  • I wanted to make a personal statement about living green

I’ve made a commitment to go two years on public transport. It’s been pretty easy, but…

I’m ready to drive again. Here’s why:

  • I love driving – the feel of it
  • Standing in the rain sucks
  • It’s difficult to get out in nature (where my spirituality is greatest)

There’s another reason as well.. there is a trade-off in productivity. Having a smart phone certainly helps, but the limitation of Portland’s public transit is this.. It takes forever to travel the edges of Portland.

So.. come May 15th, my two years are done. I’m looking for another older Mercedes diesel to convert to used french fryer grease. Hopefully I can find one with that gorgeous “Bavarian Cream” yellow paint again.