I’ve been hanging out at my good friend Bill’s up in New Hampshire the past month, assessing winds of change. Bill and I go way back, back to 1997, when I hired his brother to work in a kitchen I was chef’fing. From 2001-2003, Bill was my primary food sales guy, providing that kitchen with excellent customer service. We’ve done a lot together, including managing a ten hour eight-block ice carving competition in the frigid depths of winter on top of frozen Squam Lake (which many of you would know as the lake in the movie “On Golden Pond“).

As a dear friend, I’ve often turned to Bill as a confidant. As I’ve helped him rebuild his deck and chilled out with him and his family, Bill and I have spent a lot of time talking about the changes emergent for me. He keeps repeating one statement to me: I run at the bullets.

Bill’s history is unique. He has a period of his life that is still highly classified – as a covert government operative overseas. I completely trust him. I trust his business mind, his friendship and I trust him at my back in a brawl. He’s taught me many things over the last 15 years and I hope I’ve been able to give back a reciprocal depth of friendship.

So Bill, thank you. I’ve added you to the short list of daily mantra. It’s a very short list.

Mohammed Ali (boxer) – “No matter how many times you get knocked down, get back up.”

Lewis Kingman (ancestor and surveyor of the Santa Fe Railroad – “One foot in front of the other gets you there.”

Bill Bridgmon (friend) – “Always run at the bullets.”