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In May 2009, frustrated by lack of community and opportunity in northern New England, I moved back to Portland Oregon after 14 years on the East Coast. During that move, I wrote a five year plan.

The five year plan included two main operational points. First, rebrand my professional life. Check – many of you know Chalkboarder. Second, establish working presence not only in my favorite city, Portland OR, but also, within five years, re-establish working presence back in New England.

It seems that day has arrived faster than I anticipated it would.

I’ve been reading Libby Tucker’s blog, The Anywhere Professional, with interest. Libby shares her operational expertise in living/working anywhere in the world through her blog. She’s got great advice.

While I would love to kick it out to Peru or Siberia for two week shots and follow Libby’s lead, I can’t. I have two daughters that I deeply desire to spend time with, in New England. I can, however, live and work bi-coastally, here in the US.

Toward this end, and to maximize the opportunity for great relationship with two awesome daughters, I’m working to set up an office/residence from September to June in Portland Maine, to go hand-in-hand with Chalkboarder headquarters and my family home in Portland Oregon.

I wonder if I’m going to become known as the Portland Squared Dude – with live/work space in both Portlands?