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Mid summer is typically a time in the business world of reduced activities. Work production slows, staff just want to be or are on vacation and the heat can oppress even the most robust business manager/executive/owner.

In addition, the economic turbulence of the last years is seemingly in constant presence on the horizon.. the violent weather of economic chaos.

Long hot windless days interspersed with violent summer storms…

In sailing – this is called the doldrums.

The Volvo Ocean Race yachts are marvels of modern engineering, but, alas, they share a common flaw. They have to have wind. Granted, wind isn’t normally in short supply on the open ocean—until you hit the doldrums.

For centuries mariners have feared this equatorial region for its tendency toward sailor-stopping calms. The first leg of the race runs right through it, and what happens there could conceivably determine the victor.

“It’s incredibly frustrating. It’s the worst thing,” says Kevin Shoebridge, captain for the Tyco team, a competitor in the 2001-02 race, of being stymied by dead wind in the doldrums.

The region is also prone to violent weather shifts, and Shoebridge says he’s seen calm winds turn to 30-knot gales in a matter of minutes. At other times he’s sailed through without noticing a thing.

Over the last few years as I’ve worked for myself, founded and worked hard to grow Chalkboarder, I’ve noticed this in our negotiations. Things slow down. It can be frustrating to experience, when there is energy on our end to make things happen.

As a result, I’ve worked this hazard into our yearly calender of expectations. We anticipate that July into August will take increased effort.

What about your business? Do you experience the doldrums at this time of year?