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mise en place
[MEEZ ahn plahs]
A French term referring to having all the ingredients necessary for a dish prepared and ready to combine up to the point of cooking.

I spent twenty years in professional kitchens of all types, from the old Ritz Carlton Boston, to the Hyatt in Bellevue Washington to a diversity of independents and chains across the USA. I was first exposed (and had it beaten into me) to the term Mise En Place by Chef Dave Strouts C.W.C. and (then) A.C.F. (American Culinary Federation) chapter president of Chefs de Cuisine Society of Oregon.

I’m going to posit a proposition that mise en place is useful in social media agencies. Basically, it means everything has its regular place in your toolkit, all your prep for the day is ready and you’re locked and loaded – ready to take on the shift.

How do you plan your day in social media? Do you suffer from ADHD and hop, skip and bump around from item to item? Or, do you implement a mise en place attitude and carefully and logistically work your strategies and tactics?

And, like in pro kitchens, good tunes make a day go well…