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There’s massive changes underway heading into the Fourth Quarter Q4 of 2011 in social business and social networking. Facebook is making sweeping changes to it’s platform and that means a lot of new features for the masses to absorb.

There’s a ton of dialogue going on right now about what this means for society. Have we truly lost privacy?

That’s not the focus of this post though. I’ve been intrigued by digital ethnography the past couple years – the study of human behavior in social business, specifically. We’ve changed as a specie. Tech has brought this change upon us and it is moving fast.

I wonder if there is a terminal velocity to this change, or, as the CERN researchers last week revealed in their possible discovery that matter can move faster than light, if there is no terminal change velocity in how tech will change human behavior?

It all fascinates me. As a fine dining chef, I was conditioned to plying craft fourteen, sometimes eighteen hours a day. That conditioning is quite useful now, because ~ ~

I’m Jeff, and I’m addicted to social business.