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Frankly, I’m pissed.

After spending a half hour being told by the Extreme Roamer Department at T-Mobile that I will not be able to remove myself from a list they have – where they will discontinue providing service to me in mid-November, he gave me an email. I wrote what I thought was a nice letter, stating how I believe I do not belong on the T-Mobile “Extreme Roamer” No-Fly list and emailed it. Guess what? That email address is unknown. It figures.

Here is the content of the letter I wrote to T-Mobile. I’d like opinions from the #CustServ community about this experience, if you don’t mind.

Dear T-Mobile:

Yesterday I received at my Oregon mailing address a letter stating that my cell number (503) XXX-XXXX had been placed for disconnection and no more service by TMobile. I called Customer Service several times and just now got off the phone with the Extreme Roamer department. They state the decision is final.


1. I have been very satisfied as a T Mobile customer for ~ 18 months. In all respects.

2. I had to relocate to Portland Maine this summer. Consequent, I spent five weeks in August in central NH as I looked for residence in Portland Maine. I was apparently on the Cellular One towers during this time. I also spent a week near Lewiston/Auburn Maine in Sept, where apparently I was not on a TMobile network. My residence since last week is in your network.

3. Over the last 18 months, 16.5 months of my usage has been on TMobile networks. The Extreme Roamer CSR told me that your engineers did a system wide scan for ERs and that tests were of random lengths, from two weeks to a month, over the past five months.

4. I was never contacted by TMobile to inquire of why I was not on your network during those five weeks.

As a business professional, this policy does not make sense, from both fiscal and customer loyalty perspectives. Wouldn’t it be a better initiative to contact those about to be placed on the Extreme Roamer “No Fly List” prior to making a final decision with no recourse, to save happy customers?

Here is what I wish for.. to remain a brand loyalist and happy TMobile customer with this number. Please contact me immediately so we can find a solution together.


Jeffrey Kingman