Are there even frogs in Dallas?

Reading Jonathan Brewer’s blogpost today on why YOU should head to Summer Brand Camp in Dallas this June inspired me to share why I think – if you don’t head down – you’re missing out on the top (un)Conference of the year.

Frankly, I missed Summer Camp last year. I went to Camp in 2010 and was hooked. I’ve regretted all year that life events prevented me from going in 2011. I watched the 2011 social content with desire and envy, especially since I had sweet-talked the likes of Libby Tucker into going.

Here’s my primary reason why I suggest you should go. The relationships you make at Summer Brand Camp will empower, enrichen, transform and challenge your life. Here’s my short list of amazing people I met two years ago that do just that:

Amanda Hite (@sexythinker), Joni Doolin (@luckypenny), Brianna Nadal (@BrieNadal), Kat Cole (@KatColeATL), Ty Sullivan (@Ty_Sullivan), Sarah Atkinson (@FohBohGal), Jessica Hatcher (@jessicahatcher), Jill McFarland (@Jill_McFarland), Mike VanDervort (@MikeVanDervort), Scott Rosenburg (@YellowDog_02), David Rose (@YellowDog_01), Melissa Papaleo (@mrpapaleo), Avery Block (@appreci8), Nate St. Pierre (@natestpierre) and many many others.

This year, I am humbled to be part of Summer Brand Camp as a Camp Counselor (no short sheet pranks!). We’ve already been denied by the hotel on having canoe races in the pool – but that doesn’t mean we can’t sneak inner tubes in.

Besides making great relationships – you’re going to learn from some of the best brand pros in any industry. You already know that the best conversations at conferences happen on the sidelines – think of Summer Brand Camp as a continual sideline chat for three days!

See ya there!